Cleveland  Community Mikvah
Health and Wellness Policy

Updated February 9, 2023

The Cleveland Community Mikvah takes pride in ensuring, to the best of our abilities, that our Mikvah provides a safe & healthy environment.  

Rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily.

-Regular hand washing and sanitizing continue to be part of our protocol.  

-Hand sanitizer is placed in numerous locations throughout our facility for patrons and staff.

-Our Mikvah pools are filtered and treated daily with bromine.

Preparation may be done at home or at the mikvah. Even if all preparations are done at home, a warm shower should be taken at the mikvah before immersion.  

If you are ill, symptomatic, or covid positive, please email or leave a message for the mikvah manager at 216-848-0506 BEFORE coming to the mikvah.  We will do our utmost to help everyone immerse in a timely and safe manner. If you need to come tonight and the mikvah is already open, please speak to the receptionist 216-848-0506.

If you have questions or need any special arrangements or accommodations (including use of our ADA room or lift) please contact us 216-848-0506 or email so that we can try to accommodate your individual needs.

Thank you for helping keep our community healthy!